Ports : Panama Canal received a container ship with dimensions Neopanamax :

The Panama Canal received the inaugural transit of the Hyundai Hope, a container ship of the shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine, with dimensions Neopanamax.

The ship began its journey in the Cocolí Locks, in the Pacific, and ended in Agua Clara, in the Atlantic, as part of a journey that has its origin in the Asian continent, bound for the east coast of the United States.

Container ships are one of the main segments of ships that use the waterway with around 17 percent of transits, but 32 percent of the tonnage, due to their carrying capacity.

In this way, the Panama Canal reaffirms its importance in the world trade supply chain.

With the push of a committed human team, the inter-oceanic route has guaranteed the continuity and security of the service to its clients in the midst of the current world situation.


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