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Ports : Port Houston obtained its ISO 28000 recertification for the fifth time

HOUSTON – Port Houston, the largest port on the U.S. Gulf Coast, recently obtained its ISO 28000 recertification for its Security Management System (SMS) for the fifth time. This exceptional achievement was accomplished without any non-conformances. Port Houston in 2008 became the first port authority in the world to receive this international security designation, which outlines stringent requirements for a security management system that incorporates all aspects of business management. To achieve the security standard, key elements of Port Houston’s security process were evaluated, such as vertical integration of security protocols, senior management involvement, operational controls, training, handling of SSI (Security Sensitive Information) and emergency communications. The recertification audit is an exhaustive five-day audit, performed by the American Bureau of Shipping. All Port Houston-operated terminals were recertified to the standard, including the Turning Basin, Manchester and Woodhouse Terminals, along with the Barbours Cut Container Terminal and Bayport Container Terminal. This recertification also aligns with the port’s strategic plan goal of stewardship, preparing for disruptive events and mitigating their impacts. “This voluntary recertification shows Port Houston’s above-and-beyond commitment to supply chain security for both the port and its many stakeholders,” said Marcus Woodring, chief port security and emergency operations officer. “With over 25 entry points to Port Houston facilities, as well as thousands of stakeholders who daily cross our perimeters, it is imperative that we have strong and  consistent security protocols in place to maintain compliance with federal regulations.”

About Port Houston

 For more than 100 years, Port Houston has owned and operated the public wharves and terminals of the greater Port of Houston – the nation’s largest port for the foreign waterborne tonnage and an essential economic engine for the Houston region, the state of Texas and the U.S. nation. The Port of Houston supports the creation of nearly 1.35 million jobs in Texas and 3.2 million jobs nationwide, and economic activity totaling $339 billion in Texas – 20.6 percent of Texas’ total gross domestic product (GDP) – and total of $801.9 billion in economic impact across the nation

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