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ِAdm.Osama Rabie reviews the Suez Canal strategy in managing maritime transport challenges

Admiral Osama Rabie, Chairman of the SCA participated today, Wednesday, in the activities of a conference organized by the Alexandria Chamber of Shipping in cooperation with the Arab Federation of Arab Chambers of Shipping entitled “The Arab Maritime Transport Industry System between Theory and Practice”, in the presence of Mr. Elie Zakhour, President of the Arab Federation of Arab Chambers of Shipping, and Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Maritime Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Prof. Dr. Hisham Arafat, the former Minister of Transport, Ambassador Mohammadi Ahmed Elni, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, Major General Reda Ismail, Head of the Maritime Transport Sector, and Mr. Mohamed Moselhi, President of the Alexandria Chamber of Navigation.

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In his speech, Admiral Osama Rabie confirmed that the SCA succeeded in overcoming many global and navigational challenges and crises with high efficiency, during the last period, especially the crisis of the delinquency of the container ship Ever Given and the outbreak of the new Corona virus, leading to the current crisis that the world is going through as a result of the Russian war. Ukrainian.

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Chairman of the authority explained that the Suez Canal adopts a scientific strategy in managing crises and dealing with potential challenges, by building strong capabilities that qualify the authority for early preparation and interaction with all unexpected developments that occur in the maritime transport industry, depending on its research, studies and training centers affiliated with the authority. It has highly trained human cadres and high technical and technical capabilities.

Rabie stressed that the Suez Canal has an integrated vision and a well-studied proactive scenario on the best way to develop performance and maintain the sustainability of the movement of transiting ships, through the implementation of an ambitious strategy that seeks to continue development supported by the attention and follow-up of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in an effort to preserve the leading position of the Canal As the shortest, fastest and safest navigational way.

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Commenting on the technical feasibility of the navigational waterway development projects, Admiral Rabie pointed out the success of the New Suez Canal project in supporting the flow of navigation to an unprecedented degree by reducing transit time from 22 hours to only eleven hours, while increasing the maximum capacity of the canal, as well as enhancing rates Safety and security for all types of ships.

Chairman of the authority added that the project to develop the southern sector is a continuation of the projects to develop the navigation track which includes the implementation of expansion, deepening and duplication works, which contributes to increasing the rates of navigational safety in this sector of the canal by 28%, and also increases the capacity of the canal by 6 additional ships.

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In his speech, Chairman of SCA said on the efforts of the Suez Canal to reduce carbon emissions through the launch of the Suez Canal 2030 strategy for green transformation, which includes several axes, including the operation of monitoring stations with new and renewable energy, to keep pace with international efforts to reduce the level of emissions that cause climate change, and in line with the active role that Egypt plays in this vital file,according to the testimony of the world, which resulted in the Egyptian state having the honor to organize the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in its Cop27 during the month of November of this year in Sharm El-Sheikh

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At the end of the session, Mr. Mohamed Moselhi and Mr. Elie Zakhour, presented the shield of the Arab Federation of Arab Chambers of Shipping to Admiral Osama Rabie, in appreciation of his efforts.

Its noteworthy that the conference witnessed the participation of the experts of the Research and Studies Unit of the Authority in the workshops of the conference, which dealt with several axes on the Egyptian and Arab maritime fleet, clean energy and the green economy, the Egyptian-Arab maritime transport industry and seaports, and financing in the Arab maritime transport industry.

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