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بورصة سفن : For Sale: Aluminium Catamaran

  New 21m Aluminium Catamaran has been designed to provide a multi-purpose craft primarily in the Commercial /Survey role but also capable of being used as a Crew/ Dive / Support vessel . The vessel provides fast and efficient running at cruising speeds and loitering, combined with excellent sea-keeping. The Catamaran has twin engines, conventional shaft and propeller propulsion or can be fitted with twin water jet. With excellent all round visibility from the forward wheelhouse & a large clear aft deck work area

Length Overall 21.00 m

 Beam Over 6.70m

 Draft 1.16m

 Displacement 32,000kg

Fuel capacity 10,000 ltr F/

Water capacity 1500

 ltr Crew 3 Passengers 12 Berths 6 Cutting Files from £30,000.00 Flat Pack Cut Kit from £170,000.00 Fully Built Vessel from £1,680,000.00 Morgan Maritime Design Also Supply The Following Vessel Designs: Commercial Passenger Ferries and Leisure Craft, Super Yachts, Military and Stealth Vessels, RHIBS ,Work Boats, Fishing Boats, Dive Boats, Survey Vessels and Tugs. All designs may be customised to suit the end users’ requirements.

For Full Information Contact Drew at

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